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SWARM REMOVAL  - Yes We Do It!!! click here

Don't pay an exterminator$500 to Kill the bees. 
I will do it for less and the bees will live on!

  If you have a ball of bees that recently showed up uninvited call us right away. I can typically 'bee' there the same or next day.  Whether at an Airport, a Marina, a School, a Business or a Home,  I have been there and done that.   I typically charge a trip fee to then give an estimate based upon the complexity.  

  Please don't kill them yourself.  Raid Wasp spray will not kill bees it will only make them mad.  I don't know of any legal over the counter chemical that will kill the bees ---- and don't try that gasoline and match fire stunt.

Please call our swarm removal assistant Gladys at 305-807-4868
Established and active hive removals are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Our Location


Bee Healthy Honey Farms, Inc
7396 Skyline Drive
Delray Beach FL 33446

Telephone for swarm removals:


** NOTE: If its off hours or weekends it is best to email. That way I have a record of your information and requests to be sure to follow up.




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