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Bee Healthy Honey Farms

Delray Beach's Local Honey 

Raw, Natural, & Treatment Free


Craig Spense Holds up a Bee Frame
Craig Spense shares his experience at the
Honey Farm

Welcome to the Bee Healthy Honey Farms world of beekeeping  where we are committed to providing Honey Bee products and equipment. We are here for you whether you are Beekeeping for a fascinating hobby or starting into Beekeeping as a business. Even if you are well established in the Beekeeping world, Bee Healthy Honey Farms is committed to supply and assistance in any Healthy way possible.  Bee Healthy Honey Farms is located in West Delray Beach, Florida. Check out or online information, videos, links, forums and online shopping.  And please,     BEE HEALTHY!

Thank you for coming to our website.  Keep it handy and visit often.

Steve Cherie Caleb and Grace Byers

Dad teaching Caleb on his first hive


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